Year in Review: A Look Back at the Top Career News and Stories of 2020

It’s that time of year again. Time to take a moment to look back at the previous twelve months and all the changes. At CareerBeacon, we like to do this through the lens of the career news and issues that grabbed our attention the most throughout the year. So, we’ve gone back through the archives to look at our most read story for each month of 2020 to grab a snapshot of what the mood was like at that moment.


Who knew? Covid-19 and the idea of a global pandemic hadn’t crossed our minds at the outset of 2020. So, naturally many people were looking to their New Years’ resolutions to improve their careers. Our top story from January 2020 was:

Six signs you should quit your job in the new year


February was still before the big events of the world had begun to impact most Canadians. More of us were looking for classic career advice about writing stellar resumes and winning job interviews. We had some tips. February’s most read story on CareerBeacon:

How to boost your odds of landing an interview in 7 seconds


Things were changing by the month of March, and jobs were being affected. People who were looking for work or trying to make a change began to wonder where the opportunities would be while the coronavirus outbreak was taking hold. That’s why our most viewed post was:

The sectors that are still hiring during COVID-19


The first wave lockdown was in effect by the outset of spring 2020, and people were starting to get cabin fever. Our top story was:

Five fun ways to turn staying at home into a memorable vacation


In May many of us would traditionally have been planning our summer travels and vacations or looking for summer jobs. This year we were wondering what summer would look like and if there would be any vacations at all. Our most read story:

Survey: What will summer vacations look like for Canadians in 2020?


Our local New Brunswick readers were pleased to see that their province was doing the best in Canada towards bringing the outbreak under control in June. The most popular post on CareerBeacon:

New Brunswick leads the way in reopening


The first wave seemed to be winding down by summer, and it looked like there would be a new crop of opportunities on the horizon. Here’s what we were reading:

Why July and August could actually be a great time for finding a new job in Canada


It can be hard to predict or plan for the future when so much is changing around the world. Perhaps that’s why so many readers were looking for advice on how to answer a classic job interview question. August’s top post:

How to answer “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”


Job interviews make many of us nervous, and this year we were conducting an increasing number of them via video chat. This can make it much more challenging to make an impression. Readers were looking for help:

Hiring managers share the best questions they have been asked by candidates in interviews


By now, many people had realized that working from home was here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future. So, if you are in between jobs, how so you land a gig at a workplace you can’t even go into? Our most popular story offered some advice:

How to impress employers looking to hire remote workers


The pandemic isn’t over, and by November it became apparent that it was affecting our career – and our paycheques. CareerBeacon’s most read post:

Why you won’t be getting a pay raise in 2021 (Thanks, COVID-19)


By the beginning of this month, we were looking forward to the new year and the opportunities that would be on the horizon for 2021. Fortunately, a report came out identifying one sector that would be looking for a large number of workers over the next five years.

Labour shortage: One sector is expecting robust hiring in Atlantic Canada

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