Five fun ways to turn staying at home into a memorable vacation

It’s all in the attitude. When we’re overworked, overtired, and run down, the idea of having a few weeks off to hang around the house and binge watch a favourite series might sound ideal. On the other hand, being forced to stay inside, told not to interact with others or go to work can feel like a prison sentence. Or at least house arrest.

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So, let’s look at the brighter side. We’ve got the time; we may as well make the most of it. Here are five fun ways to turn social distancing into a great family vacation.

Culinary travel

One of the great aspects to travelling is sampling the food. Different countries, and regions within countries, have their own distinct dishes, spices, and methods of preparing food. Use the internet, research a far off place, and look up some recipes. Experiment with Turkish lahmacun, Spanish paella, or Moroccan chickpea stew. You can travel the flavours of the world right from your kitchen.

Bonus: Have the family dress the part for dinner and play regional music to complete the experience.

Go camping

The campgrounds might be closed, but you can still fake it. Set up a blanket tent in the living room. Camp out with flashlights and sleeping bags. Pick up a retro Jiffy Pop and enjoy old school popcorn while telling ghost stories – or watching a scary movie.

Bonus: You can make smores inside too. Just combine graham crackers, chocolate and a melted marshmallow; you can’t go wrong.

Capture lasting memories

One of the things people treasure about travel is the memories they capture on camera. Those vacation pics are fun to look over years after the trip is done. There’s no reason we can’t create fantastic, sharable, and memorable pics from home. Dig out your old Halloween costumes and dress up gear, or get into vacation mode with sunglasses and beach towels and have a family photo shoot. Play with the lighting, camera filters, and have some fun.

Bonus: Use photo editing software to insert your family photos into historic sites around the world.

Street view

You’ve probably looked at your house on Google Street View. It’s fun to see when the camera car passed by. Well, think bigger. You can tour the streets and alleys of the world on Street View. Check out the bustling Calle Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue) in Playa del Carmen, tour the ancient streets of Rome, or travel the canals of Venice on your screen. Yes, you can take a street level tour of the canals of Venice. Here’s the link. You’re welcome.

Visit the great museums

You’d duck into the Louvre while in Paris, right? Or visit the Smithsonian in Washington? You can still do that from home. A number of top museums around the world have made their collections available online for virtual tours.

Here’s a sample:

Take a virtual tour that is literally out of this world. NASA also hosts a live feed from the International Space Station.

Stay home, stay safe, and have some fun!

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