Why July and August could actually be a great time for finding a new job in Canada

It might sound counterintuitive to suggest that it’s a job seekers’ market while much of the country is still struggling with double digit unemployment rates. But, if you are looking for new opportunities, this summer could be your best chance for finding one.

Despite the fact that many businesses are still not open from the COVID-19 crisis and many others are not operating at full capacity, an increasing number of Canadian employers say that they are struggling to find the staff they need to hire.

There are several reasons for the current labour shortage

With school out for summer and most daycares and summer camps closed or greatly reduced in capacity, many working parents are unable to return to their jobs because of their childcare obligations.

Other potential workers are reluctant to return to work for fear of catching the virus. This is particularly true of people who may have family members in a higher-risk category. Working with the public takes on a whole new level of anxiety when you’re caring for an elderly relative or a child with respiratory issues.

Also, apparently, many people prefer collecting the CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) to working right now. This comes from a report issued by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses.

“Some people are doing a risk-reward calculation and comparing getting $2,000 to stay at home or making $2,500 to go to work full-time,” the CFIB’s President Dan Kelly told CTV News. “Many employees have told us their employees are saying they are planning to take the summer off and to check back with them in September.”

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce reports hearing the same issue from employers, particularly those in the agriculture, retail, and food services sectors.

All of this adds up to a window of opportunity for those job seekers who aren’t worried about an at-risk relative, held back by a lack of childcare options, and who would prefer to work than rely on government benefits.

The CERB will end at some point, children will return to school in the fall, and the competition for jobs will heat up as many more people re-enter the labour market. Right now, however, this summer is an ideal time to stand out and start something new.

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