The sectors that are hiring during COVID

The current COVID pandemic is wreaking havoc on the global economy and costing many of us our jobs.

Nearly half of Canadian households (44%) have reported lost work, according to the results of an Angus Reid survey released Wednesday, March 25, and another 18% anticipate job losses.
Times are tough, and many of us will have to reimagine our futures, at least for a while.

Fortunately, not all is lost. There are industries out there that are still hiring. If you are looking for work, here are some places to look:

Shipping and delivery. Food and grocery delivery services are ramping up hiring in order to meet the demand of people who are stuck at home, afraid to leave the house, and ordering meals and other items online.

Online learning. Many, many kids are home from school, and people who are in isolation are also trying to improve their skillsets by learning new things, like languages. Take a look around and you will find remote teaching jobs available.

Remote meeting and communications. We’re all working from home, which means companies that facilitate meetings and communications are super busy and hiring in all kinds of departments. Check those out.

Essential services. As this Global News article says, many essential services are on hiring blitzes. Non-essential services have been shut down in most places, supposedly until mid-April (but who knows?), but there are many that are considered essential and lots of those sectors need workers. Healthcare needs people in housekeeping and administrative positions, meal prep services need people, and grocery stores need help stocking, preparing orders, and probably cleaning. Companies that make hand sanitizer and medical medical equipment and are also reportedly hiring.

Take a look at lists of essential services to get some ideas.

We may not wind up doing what we’re used to doing, but sometimes we have to think outside the box and explore new territory.

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