How To Impress Employers Looking To Hire Remote Workers

It looks like working from home is here to stay for many companies and workers. This adds a whole new challenge for your resume to overcome in catching the eye of potential employers. Not only do you have to demonstrate that you are the best person for the job, but you also have to show that you can be a reliable contributor while working remotely.

That trend is continuing. The latest Labour Force Survey from Statistics Canada indicated that a large number of Canadians continue to adapt to COVID-19 by working remotely. Currently, more than double the amount of people are working from home (4.2 million) than those who would usually do so (1.9 million).

Many companies have implemented temporary remote working policies that have been extended at least until 2021 – with the possibility of extending indefinitely, depending on how the pandemic conditions develop.

This means if you are looking for a new job right now, there is a good chance you will need to impress employers with your ability to be efficient and productive working from home.

Make your resume stand out for recruiters hiring remote workers

State that you are open to working from home

Come right out and say it in your cover letter and intro to your resume. State that you are open to remote working opportunities, are efficient at working independently, and are fully equipped with a dedicated workspace and high-speed internet connection.

Highlight remote working experience

If you have worked from home in the past, mention that in your work history. Detail accomplishments you delivered on the job for a previous employer while working remotely. This serves as real-world proof that you can be effective in a working from home situation.

Showcase the relevant skills

Even if you haven’t already held a position working remotely, you can still use your resume to show how you are prepared for the challenge. Be sure to point out the skillset that allow for effectively working from home.

These include:

    • – Time management and prioritization
    • – Project management
    • – Communications
    – Other soft skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, attention to detail and deadlines.

Be sure not to neglect highlighting the skills that you have that are most relevant to the specific role itself. Your ability to be productive working remotely becomes moot if you haven’t demonstrated that you can actually do the job.

Ace the video interview

The video interview will also be a crucial indicator that you are prepared to be a remote contributor. If you have mastered the video chatting technology, have a professional-looking workspace, and can conduct a professional interview in a polished and hassle-free manner, it will go a long way to demonstrating that you are ready to be an effective addition to a remote team.

On the flip side, if you struggle to make yourself heard, fumble with the software, or are constantly interrupted during the interview – it will give the impression that you might be similarly inefficient on the job.

Here are our top tips for acing a video interview.

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