Twelve up and coming professions to watch

Technology is changing, and the world of work is changing with it. A new report on futuristic jobs shows the impact that drones, AI, and other emerging tech are having on the jobs we will hold. Completely new roles are being created, while some traditional occupations are evolving in new directions.

The report, published in Human Resources Director magazine, highlights the top 12 roles that HR professionals are expected to be sourcing for over the near future. While traditional professions such as health care and education will continue to be in demand, other trades will be impacted by the increased use of robots and automation. Here are their predictions for up-and-coming career paths.

12 Professions of the Future

  • Drone managers, dispatchers, and mechanics
  • Self-driving car mechanics
  • Alternative energy consultants
  • Smart building technicians
  • Virtual/augmented reality developers
  • 3D print designers and engineers
  • Urban agriculture engineers
  • Biomedical engineers
  • Remote health care engineers
  • Personal brand advisors
  • Technology ethicists
  • End-of-life managers and memorializers

The report notes that several of the trade roles such as drone or self-driving car mechanics are expected to evolve from the traditional professions like today’s mechanics and technicians. The key difference is that – as with many of the future roles – they will be working with more advanced technology and machines.

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Similarly, while we already have biomedical engineers, the demand for this profession is set to expand and the role will evolve. Biomedical engineers will be involved in new developments such as customizing new body parts or implanting chips, according to HRD magazine.

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Topping the list of hottest jobs for a few years now have been many types of engineering roles. This trend is expected to continue – and evolve – in the near future. The report predicts the rise of technology ethicists, personal brand advisors, and end-of-life managers. These are professionals who will monitor and manage how tech impacts everyday life, careers, and even the memories people leave behind online after they die.

Source: Top 12 professions of the future, HRD Magazine.

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