Three Signs You Aced Your Interview (but Keep Up Your Job Search Anyway)

Time seems to slow down when you’re waiting for an important phone call that’s taking forever to come through. This is particularly true when you’ve interviewed for a job that you really want but you’re not sure how it went.

While there are no guarantees you will get the job, there are some clear indicators your interview went extraordinarily well. Here are the subtle cues to watch for that the employer is leaning your way.

Your interview runs overtime

Most job interviews are scheduled for an hour, and they don’t always take the full time. If the employer already has another candidate they plan to hire or were turned off by your first impression, they aren’t going to waste a lot of time discussing your credentials. However, if the interview takes the full time allotted and the conversation is still going strong, you know they are giving you full consideration.

Note: By that same notion, if your interview is only fifteen minutes long, you’re probably not in the running.

You are introduced to multiple team members

If the employer wants to show you around and introduce you to other people – particularly those who are not actively involved in interviewing you – that is a good sign. If the employer knew that they weren’t going to hire you, they wouldn’t bother introducing you to the team.

Note: Remember to be upbeat, positive, and friendly throughout those introductions. There’s a good chance the interviewer will be surveying those team members about their impressions of you.

The employer offers you details about the next steps (before you even ask.)

Of course, towards the end of a job interview, you should inquire if the employer needs more information from you and what the next steps in the hiring process are. However, it is a particularly positive sign if the employer launches into those details without you even bringing it up. This indicates they are already thinking about your candidacy moving forward to at least the next round.

Note: If you leave the interview without any discussions at all about the next steps or timeline of the hiring process, that is a particularly bad sign.

For more signs that you probably won’t be getting the call, see: Six subtle clues that your job interview really didn’t go very well

Even if your job interview ran overtime, you were introduced to the whole team, and the employer went into great detail explaining what to expect the next steps to be, you should still keep up your job search. The employer might have thought you were the top contender at the time, but who knows what stellar candidate they might have met next. Or what their boss has to say about filling the position. Anything can happen.

Watch for the positive signs, hope for the best, but don’t stop looking for jobs until they actually make you an offer.

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