Thirteen attributes the majority of employers say they look for in resumes

If you’re looking to land a new job right now, you should probably provide some evidence of your problem-solving skills and your teamwork abilities in your resume.

A new survey of thousands of employer organizations has revealed that almost all hiring professionals will be looking for these attributes in candidates. Ninety-one per cent of employer respondents said that they look for signs of a candidate’s problem-solving skills, and 86 per cent want evidence of a candidate’s ability to work as part of a team.

What else should you highlight in your job applications? Other top attributes that are sought-after by the majority of employers include a strong work ethic, analytical/quantitative skills, written communication skills, leadership, and verbal communication skills.

Despite it being one of the most sought-after things about a new hire, don’t simply say thay you are a ‘team player’ in your resume. That’s boring and can actually work against you. It is far more effective to list examples of situations where you used the sought-after attributes on the job.

For example, you can highlight your teamwork abilities by documenting times when you worked collaboratively with others to successfully accomplish a goal. Leadership and problem solving are similarly best showcased with examples of challenges you’ve found solutions to and initiatives you’ve pitched and spearheaded to successful conclusions.

Show don’t tell. List your achievements and accomplishments that were arrived at through using the desired skills. This demonstrates to potential employers that you not only have the attributes they’re looking for in a candidate, but you also have experience using them on the job.

13 attributes that most employers look for in a candidate’s resume

    Problem-solving skills – 91.2%
    Ability to work in a team – 86.3%
    Strong work ethic – 80.4%
    Analytical/quantitative skills – 79.4%
    Communication skills (written) – 77.5%
    Leadership – 72.5%
    Communication skills (verbal) – 69.6%
    Initiative – 69.6%
    Detail-oriented – 67.6%
    Technical skills – 65.7%
    Flexibility/adaptability – 62.7%
    Interpersonal skills (relates well to others) 62.7%
    Computer skills – 54.9%

This survey also included other skills that are sought-after by many (but not the majority) of employers. You can view the full results here.

When describing your skills and abilities, be sure to avoid the most overused and cliched terms that employers say they hate the most.

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