The top five skills employers are looking for in five hot jobs

Want to land a high-paying job in one of these competitive fields? It helps to highlight in your resume precisely the skills that employers will be seeking in candidates for those roles.

One way to determine what these are is to examine numerous job postings for roles like the job you want – and calculate what all of those ads have in common. If you could analyze hundreds or even thousands of job postings for similar positions, you would be able to create a statistically relevant algorithm for the most in-demand skills.

Of course, that would take the average person an unrealistically long time to calculate. Fortunately, the team at SimpleTexting has done the legwork for us. They reviewed and analyzed over 30,000 job postings for five common career paths: accounting, graphic design, marketing, sales, and software development. The results of that analyses reveal trends in job postings for each type of position including the most sought-after skills by employers.

Here’s what skills hiring managers are looking for in candidates by sector:


    • Customer service
      Communications skills
      Sales experience

See Accounting jobs on CareerBeacon.

Graphic design:

    • Teamwork
      Design experience
      Customer service
      Communications skills

See job openings for graphic designer positions.


    • CRM
      Communications skills
      Sales experience
      Customer service

Check out marketing jobs available now.


    • Time management
      Communication skills
      Customer service
      Presentation skills
      Sales experience

See sales job openings

Software development:

    • Development experience
      Communications skills
      Software/technology skills
      Business knowledge
      Customer service

Software development jobs posted on CareerBeacon.

Interestingly, while hard technical skills are required to perform all of these jobs, what the want ads tend to have in common are the required soft skills. Numerous studies and employer surveys have all confirmed that companies struggle to find candidates who can demonstrate the communications and teamwork skills they are looking for.

Highlight those in your resume to give yourself an edge on the job market – whatever field you are in.

You can see the full job posting trends analysis from the team at SimpleTexting on their website.

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