The top 10 dream jobs that people are Tweeting about right now

What did you want to be when you grew up? Has it changed recently?

The great shutdown that followed from the global pandemic of 2020 has many people reevaluating their career choices and lifestyle. You’ve probably heard about “The Great Resignation” by now. This is the phenomena where an unprecedented number of people are quitting their jobs to start something new. In the last six months alone, nearly 20 million North Americans have handed in their resignations.

So where are they all headed? Clues from online conversations may reveal some insights into the jobs people really want. The telecommunications company CenturyLink analyzed huge amounts of Twitter data. They found the job titles most often mentioned with words such as “dream job” and “dream career” and compiled a list of the top ten.

So, while lists of sought-after career paths might be nothing new, the methodology of this study makes it interesting. People’s social media conversations can highlight real-time interests.

The top 10 career choices according to Twitter

And the number one dream job being discussed by Twitter users is…

It is probably evident since I am writing this, that I chose the career path pf being a writer. It was my dream job, and since starting out at small marketing firm in Montreal two decades and four cities ago, I have never wanted for work.

It also worked out during the pandemic as this is a role that can be done from anywhere.

Another recent survey found that the dream job of many young people right now is to be a Social Media Influencer / YouTuber. Hey, those can also be done from home.

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