The Most Popular Employers for Canadian Students Right Now

What are young Canadians looking for in a career right now – and who do they want to work for the most? A new survey of university students across the country has the answers.

Universum, the global employer branding leader, surveyed over 25,000 Canadian post-secondary school students in multiple fields of study. Participants were asked about their aspirations and expectations for a future career – as well as who they considered to be their top choice of employers in 2021.

While students in Ontario and the Western Provinces said that their top priority is job security, valuing ‘secure employment’ over all other factors about an opportunity, here in Atlantic Canada, students are looking at the bottom line. Participants in this region said that the potential for high future earnings was their top consideration when weighing career options.

And who do Canadian students want to work for the most? It depends on their field of study. (Although Google is a top pick for young people in most of the programs analyzed.)

Business students:

    • Google



RBC / Royal Bank of Canada


TD Bank Financial Group / TD Canada Trust



Air Canada

Canada Revenue Agency

Engineering & Technology students:

    • Tesla





Canadian Space Agency





Science students:

    • Health Canada

Natural Resources Canada

Parks Canada

Hospital for Sick Children


Canadian Cancer Society

United Nations

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

Doctors Without Borders

University Health Network

Humanities and Liberal Arts students:

    • United Nations

Canadian Department of Justice

Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)

Employment and Social Development Canada

Health Canada

Global Affairs Canada


Hospital for Sick Children


CBC / Radio-Canada

You can view the complete report from Universum with regional breakdowns and more details about what Canadian university students are looking for in a career right now.

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