The majority of people admit to judging their coworkers décor in video calls

Do you use one of those fake background screens when participating in video calls and conferences for work? It might be time to start.

A new survey has found that more than half of people judge their workers’ home décor when they can see in in the background of virtual meetings. The survey of over 2,000 people found that half (54 per cent) of all remote workers admit to critiquing their colleagues’ decorating style or furniture during their video calls.

That has also made them self conscious about what their own home reveals in their video chats, with 64 per cent saying that they were so concerned about being judged themselves that they decided to upgrade their own space.

Not everyone has an office in their home. Of the 1,385 respondents who have worked from home at some point during the past 18 months, 85 per cent of them say that they regularly do it somewhere in their house other than in a dedicated home office.

This had a great deal of people working from their living rooms (28 per cent), bedrooms (20 per cent), and dining rooms (15 per cent). All of which can offer your coworkers a sneak peek into the details of your homelife that they might otherwise not see.

Turn on your webcam before your next video call and take a look at everything that is captured in the frame. Is there any clutter or personal photos or items that you would not what to share around the office? Be sure to clear them out and present a professional-looking work area. Or you could just use one of those filters that blurs out your background or presents a fictional backdrop. Because it turns out that the majority of your coworkers will be checking out what’s going on behind you, and they do judge you for it.

Testing your camera before a meeting is a good idea anyway, to be sure that the lighting is right and camera and microphone are working properly. One of the biggest modern pet peeves that people complain about is having to wait for people to meddle with their tech at the start of a call. That is something else they judge their coworkers on.

How about you? Have you ever found yourself checking out and critiquing your co-worker’s decorating style at home while on a video call? Share your stories with us on Facebook.

Source: Most remote workers judge how co-workers’ home offices look in video calls

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