The hottest jobs for post-pandemic hiring

It looks like the pandemic is coming to an end – although certain headlines about the Delta Variant are causing concern, and putting a damper on celebrations. The economy is certainly in full recover mode. The latest job numbers from Statistics Canada show that the national unemployment rate is down to 7.5 per cent, and employment across the country is approaching pre-pandemic levels.

Companies are hiring again, trying to make up for lost time after a year and a half of uncertainty and shut-downs. All of this makes right now a very good time to make a career move.

Certain roles are in particularly high demand this summer, so here is a quick look at some of the hottest post-pandemic jobs.

Customer service roles. Movie theatres, attractions, malls and other venues are reopening, and hiring back their staff. Many pre-pandemic employees moved on to other roles, while some others are reluctant to take on public-facing jobs right now. This has made customer service professionals a hot commodity as people are once again returning to stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

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Servers and wait staff. Similarly, the accommodation and food service sector saw its ranks of staff severely cut during COVID. Now that businesses are reopening, they are struggling to find enough workers to serve their customers.

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Construction and skilled trades. This country had a shortage of skilled trades and construction workers even before COVID. The situation is even more dire now. Building projects that were stalled by the pandemic are back in full swing – or as much as they can be while companies seek to hire more construction and skilled trades professionals from entry-level all the way up to management and site supervisor positions.

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Health and safety professionals. The pandemic was a demanding period for health and safety workers. Many who had been close to retirement either took early leave or planned to step aside as soon as the crisis was over. Others experienced burn out and extreme levels of stress and sought to make a career change. Even companies outside of the health sector are looking to bring on health and safety professionals as a part of their regular staff – to safeguard against future threats. The demand for professionals with knowledge and experience of health and safety protocols will be huge for the foreseeable future.

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Manufacturing. The manufacturing sector was another of those industries that had to scale back operations during the worst of the COVID crisis. This has led to gaps in the supply chain and a pent-up demand for production. There is likely going to be a surge in hiring to run shifts at full capacity for the next year or more.

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