The highest paying jobs with the least competition

jobs with the least competition

There’s a sweet spot in the job market, in which jobs pay well and are easy to land. Check out these highest-paying jobs with the least competition.

When job hunting, you’re super lucky if you can find that sweet spot in the market where a job pays well and also doesn’t have too many people applying. It’s rare, but it’s possible.

A resume writing company,, did some work looking into this area and found some of these positions. To do it, they used PayScale to identify hundreds of job titles that offer a wage to put you in the top 15% of earners, then looked at LinkedIn to see how many people were applying for each type of job. None of the research was conducted in Canada – all of it is looking at the U.S. and U.K. – but it’s a good reference piece, considering the growth of remote work options offering a wider array of opportunities, no matter where you live comparison purposes.

For Canadian stats: The highest paying jobs in Canada for 2021

The highest-paying US job with the least competition is Assistant City Attorney (average wage: $76,028 USD), with an average of 1.2 people applying for each position. This means that, in five out of six cases, there would be only one applicant. This job also appears to be called “municipal legal assistant,” and doesn’t look like it comes up very often. The second least competitive job is also a legal profession: an Administrative Law Judge, which earns $83,379 and has 1.6 people applying for each role.

Moving over the healthcare, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner earns more than the Assistant City Attorney, with an annual salary of $108,623. The competition is a little higher, with  2.7 people applying for each job, but those are still pretty good odds.

More highlights from the findings:

The highest-paying job in the US with the most competition is Senior Vice President of Operations ($170,674), with 159 applicants per job.

In the UK, the highest-paying job with the least competition is Aircraft Pilot (£68,713), with exactly one applicant per position.

The highest-paying UK job in the UK with the most competition is Vice President of IT (£86,500), with 162 candidates for each job.

Overall, the highest-paying US Jobs with the least competition are in law and nursing. created an interactive graphic illustrating the competition for the highest-paying jobs in each sector. For a deeper dive, see here.

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