The highest paying jobs in Canada’s crazy hot tech market

Toronto’s tech scene is scorching hot! Sizzling! It’s so hot in fact that in 2017 the Ontario capital created more jobs than the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. combined.

This is according to CBRE Group Inc.’s latest annual survey, which named the 6ix the fastest-growing tech-jobs market in 2017. For the report, CBRE ranked 50 markets across North America, using such measures as “talent supply, concentration, education, and cost as well as outlooks for job and rent growth for both offices and apartments.”

Bloomberg News reports that 28,900 tech jobs were created in Toronto over the year, 14% more than in 2016, and up 52 percent over five years. Toronto also took fourth place in “tech talent,” following the Bay Area, Seattle and Washington D.C. – and beating New York City.

“The report cited some 5 million technology workers in the U.S. and more than 830,000 in Canada, across all sectors.”

“Companies looking to house operations are putting serious thought to locating in Canada,” Paul Morassutti, executive managing director at CBRE Canada, is quoted as saying in a statement. Toronto reportedly offers a well-educated workforce and cheaper labour and real estate than other markets, making it an attractive destination for employers.

Ottawa was also tapped as a growing market. “Ottawa is shedding its government-town image. It is home to over 1,700 technology companies and employs over 70,000 tech-talent employees,” Shawn Hamilton, managing director of CBRE Ottawa, reportedly said. “In the last five years, urban tech has grown to be the second-largest user group in downtown Ottawa, bigger than the accounting and legal sectors combined.”

A separate recent study found that Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are Canada’s biggest tech hubs, representing more than 50% of Canada’s tech opportunities – 29% in Toronto, 15% in Montreal, and 7% in Vancouver.

The report also listed the highest paying of these jobs in each location. It will surprise no one that Software engineering managers and software architects are the highest paid for their work. The lists also include full-stack, back-end, and front-end developers. If you’re considering a career choice or change, the list below is the top-paying tech jobs in the biggest Canadian tech job markets. Today, more than ever, employers are experiencing critical skills and labour shortages in the IT fields, so acquiring the most sought-after certifications can also give your salary a serious boost.

The following are the highest paying tech jobs and their salaries in these three locations according to the report:


Software Engineering Manager – $117,433.70

Software Architect – $110,222.89

Development Operations Engineer – $104,283.56

Senior Back End Developer – $104,102.48

Senior Software Engineer – $103,848.51

Lead Developer – $103,027.37

Senior Developer – $101,840.49

Senior Java Developer – $101,685.38

Technical Lead – $101,122.92

Senior .net Developer – $99,956.38


Software Architect – $101,266.28

Programmer – $85,161.26

Development Operations Engineer – $83,668.74

Developer – $82,234.95

Java Developer – $78,285.28

Business Analyst – $78,171.55

.net Developer – $74,766.49

Full Stack Developer – $74,321.42

Software Engineer – $73,256.14

PHP Developer – $73,181.73


Software Engineering Manager – $152,266.71

Software Architect – $109,434.58

Senior Software Engineer – $103,801.12

Development Operations Engineer – $96,022.49

Senior Developer – $94,128.09

Software Engineer – $86,329.78

Software Test Engineer – $81,806.43

Full Stack Developer – $80,186.38

Front End Developer – $78,842.92

User Experience Designer – $77,542.30

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