The best jobs in the world for 2021

If you’re looking for a career with a safe working environment, lots of employment opportunities, good pay and low stress, then these are some prime positions to consider.

Our friends over at CareerCast have released their annual rankings of the best and the worst jobs in the world right now. To nab many of of the professions on the best jobs list, you’ll need to bone up on your math skills. Mathematician, Data Scientist, Actuary, and Statistician all make the cut of ten most desirable roles to have in 2021, along with several research positions.

Career Cast explains that several recent trends have led to the growth in demand for professionals with advanced math skills. For example, Data Scientist, the number one top rated profession is seeing increased demand among other reasons for the growth in blockchain technology. This commodity is literally made up of data.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also served to speed up the shift of consumers from brick and mortar stores to online commerce. As millions of customers use websites and apps to conduct business, Statisticians, Mathematicians and Data Scientists all become increasingly in demand for their ability to crunch the numbers and analyze shopping trends.

Similarly the software professionals who build and maintain these tools are seeing a surge in opportunity in 2021.

Here are the ten best jobs in the world right now

See the full report and the complete methodology for ranking the best and worst jobs of the year over at

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