The 10 fastest growing jobs for young professionals right now

Launching a career can be challenging at the best of times. You enter the job market without a great deal of work experience or even finely honed job searching skills. You get better at applying and interviewing the more you have to do it.

Young people just starting out now are facing an even more difficult situation. These aren’t the best of times. COVID-19 has taken a particular toll on employment for younger workers – and on the industries where many people find their first jobs.

CIBC Economics reports that “Youth have clearly shouldered the bulk of the damage to the labour market during this recession. The job losses have been disproportionately skewed towards the 15-24 age group, which accounts for 35% of the jobs lost since February, while only representing roughly one-tenth of the pre-Covid labour market…”

To kick off a successful career, it would be advantageous to target your work towards a vocation that is increasing in hiring and demand. To help with this, the team at SmartAsset has crunched the data and revealed the fastest growing jobs for young professionals.

They compared the number of young professionals employed in an occupation in 2015 with the total number of young professionals employed in that job in 2019 in order to determine the percent of increase. Here are the top ten – with current job openings on CareerBeacon.

The top 10 fastest growing occupations for young professionals

1. Information Security Analysts | +171 per cent
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2. Computer Control Programmers and Operators | +140 per cent
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3. Physician Assistants | +93 per cent
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4. Writers and Authors | +71 per cent
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5. Biological Scientists | +68 per cent
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6. Purchasing Managers | +57 per cent
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7. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists | +54 per cent
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8. Fundraisers | +53 per cent
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9. Chemists and Material Scientists | +52 per cent
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10. Applications and systems software developers | +46 per cent
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The occupation on that list that stood out the most to me was ‘Writers and Authors’ at the number four position. Perhaps that is just because this is the field that I work in. While it is true that there has been an upheaval in the print media with newspaper and magazine sales plummeting, any jobs lost there have been more than offset by the explosion in online content and the need for writers and editors to produce and publish it.

More and more of these are young people. SmartAsset reports that in 2015 there were 34,000 young professionals working in the category of writers / authors in the US. By 2019 that number had grown to 58,000, a growth of 71 per cent. (However, employment in the profession overall only grew by 8 per cent over that same period.)

See the latest jobs for writers on CareerBeacon.

See the complete list of 25 fast-growing professions for young people from SmartAssets.

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