The 10 biggest work from home headaches that have us missing the office

Working from home has its benefits, but many people who transitioned to remote work over the past year are starting to miss going into the office.

Those are the findings of a new survey of over 2,000 remote workers by OnePoll. Their research found that more that half of respondents (61 per cent) are starting to miss their pre-pandemic work situations.

The biggest complaints of the workers surveyed are largely technology related. Improper equipment, lack of the necessary software, and difficulty accessing the tech support they need were among the biggest headaches for remote workers.

The top 10 struggles of working from home

    Having to use my personal computer for work – 38%
    Having a software crash in the middle of a task – 27%
    Not having the equipment or software needed – 24%
    Being stuck on hold with tech support – 24%
    Having to start a task over after of a crash – 22%
    Lack of permission to update software on my work computer – 20%
    Difficulty staying on-task / too many distractions – 19%
    Miscommunication between coworkers – 18%
    Back pain from not having a proper desk – 17%
    Not being able to get a hold of a coworker – 16%

Difficulty maintaining work/life balance was also mentioned as a drawback to working from home. However, an increase in work/life balance is also commonly listed as among the biggest perks of remote work.

Other benefits found by this survey included “eating whatever I want, whenever I want during the workday.” This is another one of those aspects of working remotely that is a double-edged sword. While, sure it is convenient to be working close to your home kitchen with the fridge and pantry right there for whenever you feel peckish, this also often leads to increased snacking and packing on the COVID-19. (The nineteen pounds gained in weight due to reduced activity and increased comfort food during the pandemic.)

Oddly, nearly one quarter (24 per cent) of survey respondents said that a perk of working from home is, “not having to wear pants if I don’t want to.” Is that really such a hardship? Before the coronavirus, were there really all kinds of people going to work every day thinking that they like their jobs, but they just wished that pants were optional?

Study: People can’t remember the last time they wore pants.

Despite the ups and downs of remote working, and more and more people missing their traditional workplace, the majority of respondents still said that they would prefer to stay at home than return to the office right now.

Enjoying working from home? It may not last.

You can read the full report here.

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