The 10 best jobs in Canada for 2019

Hard on the heels of the recent CareerCast list of the worst jobs to have this year, the team over at Canadian Business magazine have compiled the flip side. They have just published their annual report on the best career paths to follow in this country.

Most of the top spots are positions in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Healthcare and the Skilled Trades. To create the jobs ranking list, positions were rated according to their salaries, employment outlook and future prospects.

So, for high pay, plenty of opportunities, and growth potential, these are considered to be the ten best jobs to have in Canada right now.

The top 10 jobs in Canada for 2019

10. Construction Manager – Median Salary $83,000
[See Construction Manager jobs on CareerBeacon]

9. Public Administration Director – Median Salary $110,000
[See Public Administration jobs on CareerBeacon]

8. Scientific Research Manager – Median Salary $102,000
[See Research positions available now]

7. Engineering Manager – Median Salary $106,000
[Engineering jobs on CareerBeacon]

6. Pipefitting Supervisor – Median Salary $81,000
[See job openings for pipefitters]

5. Mining and Quarrying Supervisor – Median Salary $83,200
[Mining jobs available now]

4. Power Systems Electricians – Median Salary $86,000
[Openings for electricians that are hiring right now]

3. Utilities Manager – Median Salary $114,000
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2. Dentist – Median Salary $93,600
[Open positions in dental care]

1. Nurse Practitioner – Median Salary $104,000
[Job postings for Nurse Practitioners]

Nurse Practitioner ranks as the number one job to hold in Canada this year. That position held the number two spot last year, and in 2017 was ranked as the 29th best job in the country. CanadianBusiness estimates that the number of people working in this role has increased by 75 per cent over the last five years. Given the increased demands for healthcare professionals – and nurses in particular – brought on by an aging population, there is a growing shortage of workers to fill these roles.

You can view the complete list of the Top 100 jobs in Canada for 2019 from CanadianBusiness over on their website.

Conversely, here are the 10 worst jobs to have this year.

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