Ten jobs with high post-pandemic demand in Canada (and what they pay)

There are positive signs that the economy is rebounding from the pandemic-induced crash that took its toll on so many sectors over the past year.

For example, according to Statistics Canada, the Canadian job market is on the mend. This country gained 259,000 new jobs last month, bringing the unemployment rate down to the lowest we have seen since the start of the pandemic.

More and more businesses are ramping up, calling back staff, and hiring for positions they expect to need moving forward. Here are ten of the roles expected to have some of the highest demand post-pandemic, along with open positions on CareerBeacon, and the average Canadian wages.


Of course, there are numerous different kinds of drivers, such as truck drivers, delivery drivers, and long-haul drivers. All of them are in demand right now. Basically, if you are able to drive a commercial vehicle, then there are job opportunities available for you.

Average Salary: $45,760

Jobs for drivers of all sorts

Human resources / recruitment managers

Businesses are starting up again, restaffing, and implementing new policies for keeping workplaces safe and healthy, as well as adapting to managing remote teams. This is creating a growing need for human resources professionals, people who are skilled not only at evaluating talent, but managing working relationships and successful collaboration.

Average Salary: $89,003

HR jobs available now

Registered nurses

Even before COVID-19, many regions in Canada were struggling with a shortage of nurses. The demands on the healthcare sector brought about by the pandemic have only exacerbated this situation. Expect nursing roles to be sought after for the foreseeable future.

Average salary: $79,331

Nursing jobs available now


Like many of the skilled trades, welding is a career path that allows you to earn a high wage with first needing to obtain a university degree. Welders are consistently in demand across the country.

Average Salary: $73,504

Job openings for welders

General labourers

These are the unsung heroes that make work happen. They stock warehouses, prepare and clean up construction sites, and take on many other physically demanding jobs. Not a lot gets done without them, and as work on many kinds of projects ramps back up, so too will the hiring for labourers.

Average salary: $43,680

General labour jobs on CareerBeacon

Customer service representatives

Employment opportunities and the demand for customer service representatives are expected to increase considerably as business heats up and more and more people resume their pre-pandemic lifestyles and activities. Everything that was put on hold indefinitely, suddenly becomes urgent. Be ready for those phones to ring.

Average salary: $38,000

Current job openings for customer serviced reps

Financial advisors

Many Canadians are sitting on excess savings, post-COVID as their plans for last year were put on hold. Others are facing unforeseen financial setbacks as their businesses may have been impacted by lockdowns and restrictions. Financial advisors can offer insights and advice for people on how to best manage their money moving forward. Sometimes these professionals work within banking and financial institutions to promote the firm’s suite of products and services.

Average Salary: $62,971

Jobs for finance professionals on CareerBeacon.

Electrical engineers

These professionals design, plan, research, evaluate and test electrical and electronic equipment and systems. They can work for electrical utilities, communications companies, manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment, consulting firms, or for a wide range of manufacturing, processing and transportation industries and government.

Average salary: $93,870

Electrical engineering roles now hiring

Administrative positions

Administration jobs from administrative assistants and receptionists to data-entry clerks and customer-service reps were all severely cut back as business slowed down over the past year. However, as the vaccines roll out and many industries are returning to normal, these positions are being now being refilled.

Average salary: $46,924

Admin jobs hiring right now

Software developers

2020 was the year when doing everything online or through mobile devices became essential. The need for new applications on smart phones and tablets and their ever-advancing screens and functionality will only increase the demand for software developers in the years to come.

Average salary: $78,936

Positions for software developers hiring now

Salary and occupation outlook data are national averages from Statistics Canada. You can see the numbers specifically for your career path and region here.

Here are the average Canadian wages by region and industry in 2021.

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