Ten jobs on the decline by 2030 (and ten that will increase in demand)

Looking for career longevity? Avoid working in a role that that is doomed to be replaced by artificial intelligence or automation, or where there is simply a surplus of workers available for a shrinking number of positions.

A new report called The Future of Jobs in the Era of AI has analyzed international labour market trends and come up with a predictive list of occupations that will have the greatest oversupply of workers as well as the jobs that will see the biggest shortfall of employees over the next decade.

The study authors state that they sought out the sectors where the biggest impact of automation will be felt in order to help people remain employable by maintaining their skills in the key growth areas. These range from high tech to interpersonal.

When looking at international data, the researchers found that information and record clerks were among the occupations with the greatest overall surplus, as new technology solutions are increasingly able to manage this job. On the flip side, in all countries studied, there is a steep shortage looming of business operations specialists (those people who analyze business operations and identify customer needs) as a direct result of the data made more widely available by technology.

In turn, this also increases the demand for many tech and data professionals to gather and crunch the numbers as well as business leaders to make decisions and form strategies based on the new information.

Ten occupations with the biggest demand for workers by 2030

    Computer occupations
    Senior executives
    Business operations specialists
    Health care diagnosing or treating practitioners
    Other management occupations
    Operations specialists managers
    Sales supervisors
    Counsellors, social workers, other community service specialists

The research predicts that technology will lead to eliminating the need for human employees for many routine and administrative tasks. This will impact not only blue-collar jobs but white-collar occupations as well.

Ten jobs with the greatest surpluse of workers by 2030

    Information and record clerks
    Retail salespeople
    Material moving workers
    Food and beverage service workers
    Cooks and food preparation workers
    Construction trades workers
    Other production occupations
    Other office/admin workers
    Building cleaning and pest removal
    Material recording, scheduling and dispatch workers

As many jobs are eliminated or reduced by AI and automation, a greater number can be created at the same time. Technology is creating new job markets as the demand for software developers, data analysts, cybersecurity testers, and other digital specialists increases across all industries. See technology jobs available now on CareerBeacon

This shift in the job market comes with significant opportunities. It will enable workers to undertake higher-value tasks. The researchers point out that the removal of mundane, repetitive tasks in legal, accounting, administrative, and similar professions will open up the potential for workers to take on more strategic roles.

At the same time, soft skills – such as empathy, imagination, creativity, and emotional intelligence, which cannot be replicated by technology – will become even more valuable. The supply of workers for those occupations that require these abilities – such as health care workers, teachers, and counselors – is finite, which causes a near constant demand for people in these occupations.

This is only highlighted by the current COVID-19 pandemic, which underscores just how important these roles are in ensuring the well-being of our society and culture.

You can read more about the Future of Jobs in the Era of AI report from BCG here.

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