Survey reveals the most annoying work-from home coworker behaviours

Are you inadvertently annoying your coworkers? Because it turns out that you can get on other people’s nerves without even being in the same room as them.

Although, on the bright side, it turns out that we’re slightly less irritated with the habits of our remote colleagues. A new survey has found that roughly half (53 per cent) of people working from home find their teammates less annoying than when they were all in the office together.

Still, there are plenty of behaviours that rub teammates the wrong way. According to survey participants’ slow responses, distracting noises, and eating on camera are the top offenses. Here are the top ten remote working behaviours that annoy coworkers.

10 most annoying behaviours colleagues do while working remotely

    Slow responses to emails and direct messages when you can see the are online

    Background noise during video calls

    Eating during a video call

    Booking in too many video meetings

    Muting and un-muting at the wrong times

    Booking video chat when a phone call would suffice

    Chatting/messaging after work hours

    Answering a phone call while on a video meeting

    Working on something else during on a video call

    Asking you to turn on your camera for a video call

Eating loudly was also one of the most annoying behaviours that participants complained about their coworkers when in the office. The other top in-office faux pas include blatantly sucking up to the boss and taking conference calls on a speaker phone.

Want to make up for all the irritating habits? The survey also revealed the top behaviours that coworkers find endearing. These include messaging to ask how you are doing, replying quickly, and giving full attention to video calls.

You can read the full survey results and analysis over on Metro.

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