Six tips for successfully closing job interviews

First impressions are important. 

Do you know how to close a job interview in a way that leaves a great impression? Follow these tips.

As everyone is always reminding us. Last impressions are also important. How you close a job interview is as important as how you open it.

This is your last chance to make an impression (before sending your thank-you note, of course) and stand out from all the other candidates. Don’t blow it. Here are six tips on how to close the job interview and leave a great impression.



Say that you want the job. 

Close the interview by stating in no uncertain terms that you want this job. Don’t say that you “need” it (that makes you sound desperate, which is off-putting). Make it clear that you “want” it. Be enthusiastic. Hiring managers appreciate the enthusiasm and like to know that you want their job, rather than just any job.



Close any loopholes. 

Ask if there is anything further the hiring manager needs and if you can provide any more information.



Say something nice and complimentary. 

Everyone is nervous in an interview, including the interviewer. Say that you have enjoyed the conversation and that you’ve found them easy and fun to talk to. Literally, everyone likes to hear that they are nice to talk to. Or, if the questions have been challenging, say you enjoyed the challenge. Just say something nice.



Ask about next steps. 

Asking about next steps also reiterates your interest and allows the hiring manager to manage expectations. Hopefully, they’ll give you a timeline for when you can expect to hear back. There’s a chance you’ll never hear back, regardless of what they tell you since ghosting candidates is so common these days. But one can try.


Say thank you like you mean it. 

These days, many interviews are virtual, so you can’t shake hands. This means your sign-off has to be really good. Look at the interviewer directly and thank them very much for their time. If you feel it is appropriate for the setting, you can do a little bow. I know some businesses have replaced handshakes and hugs with bows.


Close it confidently. 

Whatever you do, do it with confidence (but not cockiness). If you’re interviewing in person, walk confidently out of the room and say a nice goodbye to everyone on the way out. If it’s virtual, you have to hang up. Virtual meetings are weird, and leaving them is also weird. I have them almost every day, with people I know, fairly well, and it’s still weird. Once you’ve wrapped it up and said your thanks, smile, say “I really hope we’ll speak again soon.” The other person will say goodbye, you say goodbye, and then you hang up.

And then it’s up to fate. Hopefully, you nailed it!

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