Most job seekers make this “biggest resume mistake”

Most job seekers aren’t heeding popular advice and are still making this resume mistake.

Most job seekers are still sending out the same resume for every job application, despite the fact that experts are constantly warning against this tactic.

Online resume make, Zety, recently conducted an analysis of 670,000 documents and found that job seekers typically create one resume. The report calls this the “single biggest resume mistake” and says the most successful job-search technique is to adapt each resume to the job ad’s requirements because “63% of recruiters want to receive resumes tailored to the role.”

Job seekers should indeed be customizing their resumes to each role. Do this by analyzing the details of the job ad and finding ways to demonstrate that you are a good fit for the position. Clearly showcase how you meet the job requirements, and whenever possible match the wording and language from the job ad in your resume.

Other findings from the analysis are that 91% of people use Century Gothic font in their resume and that navy is a very popular colour. Here’s an infographic from Zety.

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