Learn to pronounce a name correctly before meeting someone

A new tool allows you to impress people by saying their name right the first time.

We’ve all seen someone’s name in writing and not known how to pronounce it. And this can make some people uncomfortable. So, Linkedin recently added a feature that gives users the option to share how to pronounce their names.

According to the Linkedin blog, “Correct pronunciation is not just a common courtesy — it’s an important part of making a good first impression and creating an inclusive workplace.”

This seems like a great tool for anyone with a name that might be difficult for some people to pronounce. It will put others at ease, because they won’t feel nervous about asking how to say your name when they meet you. And for people looking to make an impression, the fact that you took those few seconds to learn the proper way to say a name will not go unnoticed.

In July, Linkedin added the audio recording feature to profiles, so you now have the ability to create a recording of your name pronunciation, which will be clickable on your profile. Other members visiting your profile can then listen to the recording to better understand your pronunciation preference and wow you by getting it right the first time. Obviously, you can listen to other members’ pronunciations when visiting their profiles if they choose to use the feature.

Currently the recording feature is only available on Android and iOS mobile while the playback is available on all platforms (Web, Android, and iOS).

Step by step instructions for using the feature can be found in the Linkedin help centre on how to add this recording to your profile.  

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