Labour shortage: Tech sector professionals are in high demand in Atlantic Canada

It’s no secret that the labour market in Canada is going through some dramatic shifts right now. Much of the country is experiencing historic rates of low unemployment, and employers are rethinking their strategies for recruiting sought-after talent as the pool of potential workers shrinks.

This is particularly true for specialized professionals needed to fill highly-skilled positions. Companies in Atlantic Canada’s booming tech sector are particularly feeling the pinch.

A recent Statistics Canada report found the number of job vacancies early in 2019 was on the rise in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The unemployment rates in cities such as Halifax and Moncton were below six per cent – levels that indicate nearly full employment.

A recent report form the Business Development Bank of Canada found that full half of companies in Atlantic Canada were experiencing a lack of skilled workers – and that the problem was only getting worse. So much so that they pointedly titled the report: Labour Shortage: Here to Stay.

Atlantic Canada was also recently named one of the top communities in the world for start-ups. The report on global startup ecosystems ranked the Atlantic Canada region overall as being in the top five communities anywhere in the world for communities in the “activation phase.” That is the category for startup ecosystems that are just getting off the ground.

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