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How to tune-up your resume for a COVID-2021 job search

The outset of 2021 comes with some unique challenges for people looking to land a new job. Thriving in this environment may require some subtle communication tweaks to your resume – and these can be somewhat contradictory.

Because so much of business is conducted remotely right now, interpersonal, online, and written communication skills at a premium for many jobs. So much so that employers are evaluating candidates differently now than they did pre-pandemic, putting increased focus on professional correspondence and writing abilities.

However, the work environment is continuing to evolve, and many companies are planning for either returning their staff to the workplace or transitioning towards a hybrid remote/on-site model.

A new employer survey has revealed detailed plans for bringing staff back to the office.

Given the shifting landscape, how can you optimize your resume for the maximum number of opportunities in a 2021 job search?

As well as demonstrating that you have the relevant skills for the specific job, highlight that you are able to be successful in a variety of work environments – both is a bustling workplace as well as remotely with minimal oversight, and that you are flexible to changing arrangements.

Express your preparedness to working from home. Use your cover letter and intro to your resume to demonstrate that you are ready to be productive from home. State that you are open to remote working opportunities, are efficient at working independently, and are fully equipped with a dedicated workspace and high-speed internet connection.

Highlight your remote work experience. If you have worked from home in the past, mention that in your work history. Detail accomplishments you delivered on the job for a previous employer while working remotely. This serves as real-world proof that you can be effective in a working from home situation.

Also, let employers know you are willing to work on site. Conversely, many employers are currently planning a return to the office for their staff. They may be reluctant to bring on a new remote worker who might protest the transition when the time comes. So, even if the job is to be performed from home at the outset, make it clear that you are open to both on-site and remote work situations.

Employers will value candidates who seem flexible and hassle free in the face of change.

Show how you can shine in a team setting. In your resume, give examples of the times you have been an asset to the team. Demonstrate how you have worked effectively within a group environment, led a team, organized events, or mentored and supported your coworkers.

Showcase the relevant skills. First and foremost, be sure to highlight the skills that you have that are most relevant to the specific role itself. Whether remote or on-site, you need to prove that you have the chops to do the work. Then focus on the skills that employers are looking for right now for jobs across industries. These are the aptitudes that are essential for remote working and keeping teams productive through shifting work environments.

These include:

    – Time management and prioritization
    – Project management
    – Effective communications
    – Professional writing and correspondence
    – Other soft skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, attention to detail and deadlines.

One of the keys to being successful in challenging, changing times is to demonstrate that you are ready for challenges, and flexible to changing work environments.

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