How To Demonstrate Your Soft Skills in Your Cover Letter

A recent survey of over 300 recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers from across sectors found that interpersonal and communication skills are becoming more important than ever due to the pandemic and the effects it has had on the way we work.

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With teams collaborating remotely, either full or part time, more and more meetings taking place virtually, and fewer face-to-face client interactions, how you can write, speak clearly and concisely, and manage relationships are all premium skills to have right now.

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When trying to get hired for a new job, your cover letter can be a powerhouse tool for demonstrating your communications skills to potential employers.

First off, of course your cover letter allows you to showcase your writing abilities. Craft a letter that introduces yourself in a friendly, yet professional manner, and ensure that it is grammatically correct and error free. This demonstrates your ability to write effective business correspondence.

You can take it a step further. Your cover letter can do more to showcase your interpersonal skills than just your ability to write well. Pay close attention to the job description for the position that you are applying for. Find the top soft skills that will be necessary for excelling on the job. Then work in some examples of how you have used those abilities in your previous work experience or other activities.

I landed my first job at an advertising agency by describing how I had organized, promoted, and ran a series of poetry and music shows at local venues for a couple of years. It was the creative and organizational abilities used to secure locations, connect with performers, and advertise a show to bring in audiences that caught the agency’s eye. The role I was hired for involved organizing several events per year, as well as being the editor of their main publication.

Choose the most engaging example you can that highlights your use of the most relevant soft skills for the job that you want, and work that example into your cover letter. And of course, continue to ensure that your description is well-written, concise, and free from errors.

That way you present yourself as a competent writer, effective communicator, and a candidate who has proven to have successfully used the necessary soft skills for the role.

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