Help wanted: These jobs are still hiring during the COVID-19 lockdown

Looking for work? Many sectors are still hiring.

While much of the economy – and the world – has ground to a halt amidst the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, a great deal of people are still working. Some jobs can be done safely or remotely, and so are less affected by the shutdown, while others are essential services for society and so must continue despite some risk.

In either case, many companies are hiring workers to fill those roles. Here are job postings available right now for a wide variety of opportunities.


Pharmacies remain open and provide an essential service being the place where people obtain healthcare advice, products, and of course, medicine. Many are looking to increase or replace staff during the lockdown.

See pharmacy jobs available now on CareerBeacon.


Face to face meetings might be on hold for the time being, but companies still need representatives to reach customers for their products and services. A great deal of sales can be done online and by phone.

There are hundreds of sales positions hiring now on CareerBeacon.


The healthcare sector is usually one of the hottest for hiring, and the current situation has only augmented the need for many critical positions.

Check out this wide variety of healthcare job openings.


People are concerned about their finances. Companies are rewriting their business plans on the fly. Government programs, tax policies, and regulations are changing almost daily. Somebody has to sort out the numbers.

Companies are posting plenty of job ads for accountants.


People still need essential products, and many stores are still open. Most goods are processed through warehouses and distribution centres, and those places need staff.

See warehouse job opportunities on CareerBeacon.


Similarly, professionals are needed for every step of the shipping activity, from processing and packing, to sorting, tracking, and delivering.

Shipping jobs available right now.


Speaking of delivery, as many stores and just about all restaurants are closed, more and more people are ordering meals and goods to be delivered to their homes. This has created numerous opportunities.

See delivery job openings.

Information technology

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for IT professionals has not slowed down. If anything, with companies coordinating remote workers, managing cloud security, and setting up virtual private networks, the need has only increased.

See IT job openings hiring now.

Truck drivers

Even before the crisis, Canada was experiencing a shortage of truck drivers. They provide and essential service, moving goods across the country, and we need more of them.

Check out the latest opportunities for drivers that are available right now.

Grocery stores

The grocery stores remain open, and those brave men and women are at work every day providing the rest of us with food and supplies. Many stores need extra help right now.

See grocery store job openings on CareerBeacon.

Since most companies are replacing face-to-face job interviews with virtual ones, here is how to prepare for a video interview. Good luck, and stay safe!

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