Employer survey reveals detailed plans for bringing staff back into the workplace

Earlier this week, we reported on how many Canadian employers were looking forward to bringing their remote staff back into the office. New information has just come out about the timing for the shift away from working from home. When can remote workers expect to resume commuting to a physical workplace?

According to new research released yesterday, business leaders report they expect to have at least half (51 per cent or more) of their employees returning to the worksite by the end of January 2021.

Some of the employers surveyed expect to have as much as 75 per cent of their staff back in the office by this winter.

    – 15.2% of employers plan to have 75% in-office capacity by Winter 2020
    – 27.8% of employers plan to have 75% in-office capacity by Spring 2021
    – 38.3% of employers plan to have 75% in-office capacity by Summer 2021

Bringing staff back safely

When asked what precautions they have implemented to make their workforce more confident about bringing employees back onsite during the COVID-19 pandemic, employers revealed they have detailed plans in place.

    – 69.8% will screen daily for COVID-19 symptoms before employees arrive onsite
    – More than half (54.6%) of employers plan to control the total number of staff returning to work on a given day
    – Nearly half (46.4%) plan to have a medical expert on staff

One hundred percent of HR leaders reported controlling the total number of staff returning to work on a given day and limiting staff to specific shifts/time were top precautions that would make them feel more confident about bringing employees back onsite.

Which is good news, because nearly all 90.6 per cent of employees surveyed say that they will take action if their employer fails to create a safe onsite work environment. One third (30.7 per cent) say they would resign rather than attend work in a situation they feel puts their health at risk.

You can view the full survey results here.

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