Employer survey: Canada’s most in-demand jobs, post COVID-19

Are we seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Businesses and services are slowly opening up as the lockdown necessitated by COVID-19 is gradually eased.

A new survey of hiring professionals in Canada has found that most are anxious to get back to work, with 70 per cent saying their first priority is to hire back the people who were laid off.

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The survey conducted by Express Employment Professionals found that some industries are poised for early success in the post COVID era, while others may take longer to adapt to the new normal.

Participants across Canada were asked which jobs they think will be most in-demand in the coming weeks and months. Here are the top jobs they identified.

The most in-demand jobs in Canada, post COVID

    – Manufacturing in the Auto Sector
    – Manufacturing/Production-Related
    – Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM)
    – Plant Operators
    – Production Leads/Supervisors
    – Skilled Labourers/Machinists
    – Millwrights
    – Inventory/Warehouse Personnel
    – Administrative

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A new role that employers see companies potentially adding to their payroll is hiring temperature screeners to check incoming employees for fever or signs of illness to keep the workplace safe and healthy.

Of course, even amid the pandemic shutdown, not all industries have come to a halt. Plenty of people are still working, and many sectors are still hiring. Here is a selection of jobs across industries that are looking for workers right now.

Truck drivers in particular are in high demand right now – a situation that is likely to continue well past the end of the lockdown.

See the complete report from Express Employment Professionals.

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