Does it feel like your career has taken a hit during COVID? It turns out that it has

So, how has your work been going throughout last year and so far for the first half of 2021? Not getting a raise or promotion lately? You’re not alone.

It turns out that a lot of us feel like we may have been on the fast track, but our careers have been derailed by the pandemic.

According to new research from the staffing firm Robert Half, more than one-quarter of professionals (27 per cent) said their careers have stalled since COVID hit. That number is even more striking when it comes to younger workers. More than half (55 per cent) of those aged 18 to 24 say that their careers hit a roadblock with the pandemic.

It’s not just perception, either. They may be on to something. In a separate poll, half (49 per cent) of senior managers revealed that they have postponed promoting top performers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and 61 per cent of those respondents worry about staff retention as a result.

How our Careers Have Taken a Hit

Those workers who say that they have experienced a stalled career report that they are most feeling stuck when it comes to:

    Salary growth: 62 per cent
    Career advancement: 62 per cent
    Skills development: 42 per cent
    Ability to grow their professional network: 42 per cent

Once again, they have a point. Networking is vital to career growth. Connecting with other people, getting to know professionals in your line of work, and having a group of people who think well of your work ethic and talent are essential for career-growth. These connections are stilted with remote work.

Here are 5 virtual networking strategies – that can be done even while this remote work situation continues.

Some professionals told the surveyors that they’re ready for a career move: Twenty-eight per cent of respondents said they have had a shift in perspective due to the pandemic and they want to pursue a more meaningful or fulfilling job.

“Along with significantly changing the hiring landscape for job seekers in Canada, the pandemic has also interfered with employees’ career trajectories,” said David King of Robert Half. “As we look toward the future and a more active job market, now is the time for organizations to put programs in place that are designed to retain top talent. This includes specific initiatives that will appeal to younger workers and opportunities for all employees to build skills and advance their careers.”

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