Canada’s most (and least) respected professions for 2021

So, who do you trust? Are there certain professions where the practitioners seem to be more reliable and highly regarded than others?

It turns out that there are such perceptions of different career paths among the general public. Dart Insight and Communications has surveyed Canadians to compile their annual list of the most respected fields to work in. The ranking offers some insight into who we look up to and which workers we tend to have a little less faith in.

This research was undertaken in March 2021 with a nationally representative sample of 2,511 adult Canadians.

Here are Canada’s 10 most respected professions

    Medical Doctors
    Members of the Armed Forces
    Grocery store owners / Clerks
    Airline Pilots
    Transit workers

Police officers, Judges, Lawyers, Journalists, and TV personalities all fall somewhat lower down the list. However, they still fair better in public perception than those professions that come in at the rock bottom of the rankings.

The least respected professions in Canada?
Sorry to say these are:

    Union leaders
    Elected members of parliament
    Advertising practitioners
    Car salespeople
    … and at the new bottom of the barrel for public respect this year is:
    The Owners of Social Media Platforms

Study authors noted that they used to measure the most ‘trusted’ professions, but that there has been a steady global erosion of trust in many areas over the years. “The new currency for professional and corporate public equity is “respect”. Our research, as well as that of the Queen’s University Smith School of Business and others, demonstrates that ‘respect’ is now the central antecedent for reputation,” said Jeff Munn, Executive Director, Canada’s Most Respected Award Program.

You can view the complete list of professions ranked for level of respect in 2021 here.

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