Canada’s fastest growing in-person jobs for 2021

Despite the most recent job numbers from Stats Can which showed that the economy shed 63,000 positions last month, there are some positive employment signs on the horizon.

A new employer survey from the Bank of Canada found that most firms reported stronger investment and hiring plans. About half say they expect to ramp up the size of their workforce later in 2021, when they believe the pandemic will be largely under control.

So, which jobs are going to see the quickest pick-up? Last week we looked into the most in-demand remote positions for 2021. Jobs that can be performed from home are less effected by the impact of lock downs and virus-related restrictions.

But what about on-site roles? Not every job can be accomplished remotely, and not everyone wants to work out of their home. The team at staffing firm Randstad crunched their numbers and found that the fastest growing in-person roles for 2021 reflect the increase in online purchases, the need for skilled healthcare professionals, as well as heightened precautions and sanitation measures in workplaces of every type.

The most in-demand on-site jobs right now
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Delivery drivers
Essential retail workers
Procurement and supply chain specialists
Warehouse workers
Cleaners and maintenance workers
Registered nurses

While there has been a shortage in truck drivers in this country since before the pandemic, the new demand for delivery drivers includes the need for drivers for shorter distance deliveries within cities and towns as the pandemic has caused a massive spike in online shopping and food deliveries.

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