Canada sees another strong month for job creation in July

The Canadian economy had another strong month for job creation in July, following the solid gains we saw in June. According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.5% last month with the addition of 94,000 jobs. In June the country overall added 231,000 jobs.

Those two consecutive months of growth brought employment to just 246,000 (or -1.3 percent) below the February 2020 employment level – which was before the pandemic struck.

The service sector continued to rebound. Stats Can reported that roughly 35,000 jobs were added in the accommodation and food services industry. This follows from over 100,000 new jobs added to that sector last month.

See job openings in the accommodation and food service sector.

The biggest gains in employment last month were seen in Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Saskatchewan was the only province where employment dropped, and there was little change in the employment rates in the other provinces.

Here’s a look at the current provincial unemployment rates across the country
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Newfoundland and Labrador 12.7 percent [View jobs in NL]

Prince Edward Island 9.6 percent [Search jobs in PEI]

Nova Scotia 8.4 percent [See jobs in Nova Scotia]

New Brunswick 9.3 percent [View available jobs in New Brunswick]

Quebec 6.1 percent [See jobs in Quebec]

Ontario 8.0 percent [Job opportunities in Ontario]

Manitoba 6.1 percent [Jobs in Manitoba]

Saskatchewan 7.0 per cent [Browse jobs in Saskatchewan]

Alberta 8.5 per cent [Available jobs in Alberta]

British Columbia 6.6 per cent [See jobs in B.C.]

Read the complete Labour Force Survey from Statistics Canada for July.

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