Canada lost over 200,000 jobs in the first month of 2021

The Canadian job market got off to a rough start this year. Statistics Canada has just released the first Labour Force Survey of 2021, and the news isn’t good for the economy.

There were 213,000 jobs lost in January, the largest drop in employment seen since March and April of last year when the full effects of pandemic and lockdowns were just kicking in. These job losses brought the national unemployment rate up to 9.4 per cent.

January’s declines in employment were unsurprisingly concentrated on those services-producing industries that are most affected by new and ongoing public health restrictions—accommodation and food services (-8.2 per cent), retail trade (-7.4 per cent), and information, culture, and recreation (-2.4 per cent).

Because of the nature of work in these sectors, all of the jobs lost were part-time positions, according to Stats Can.

Last month’s job losses were highly concentrated in Central Canada, with losses in Ontario and Quebec totalling 251,000. Employment also fell in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Employment actually rose in Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and held steady in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.

Here’s a look at the current unemployment rates across the country
(Along with currently available jobs on CareerBeacon)

Newfoundland and Labrador 12.8 per cent [View jobs in NL]

Prince Edward Island 7.9 per cent [Search jobs in PEI]

Nova Scotia 8.3 per cent [See jobs in Nova Scotia]

New Brunswick 8.8 per cent [View available jobs in New Brunswick]

Quebec 8.8 per cent [See jobs in Quebec]

Ontario 10.2 per cent [Job opportunities in Ontario]

Manitoba 8.0 per cent [Jobs in Manitoba]

Saskatchewan 7.2 per cent [Browse jobs in Saskatchewan]

Alberta 10.7 per cent [Available jobs in Alberta]

British Columbia 8.0 per cent [See jobs in B.C.]

You can read the complete Labour Force Survey from Statistics Canada for more details.

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