Canada has over one million unfilled jobs right now

The number of vacant jobs in Canada has surpassed the one million mark, as employers across the country struggle to find the workers they need to fill their open positions.

Statistics Canada reported that there were 1,014,600 job vacancies in September, meaning that roughly six per cent of all jobs in Canada are currently unfilled.

Employers in public facing sectors such as the accommodation and food service industries are reporting the greatest challenges in recruiting the staff they need, with 14.4 per cent of the jobs being open at the beginning of Q4.

Stats Can’s report suggests that labour shortages are on the increase right now as more employers are adding staff to keep up with the ongoing economic recover.

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People who are working are earning slightly more that they were last year. The report from Statistic’s Canada also noted that employee earnings were up 2.6 per cent in September from a year ago.

The average Canadian wage right now is $1,138.00 per week or just shy of $60,000 per year ($59,176).

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