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About Elizabeth Bromstein

Elizabeth Bromstein is a career strategist and author with more than 15 years of experience in creating content designed to help people optimize their potential and create their dream careers. She writes about the job search and career growth, as well as the recruiting, employer branding, and employee experience.

Elizabeth wants to help make the job hunt as easy and intuitive as possible, instead of the constant uphill battle it can sometimes feel like.

She is the former Business Editor of, co-founder the Yackler Corp., and the current Editor in Chief of Spa Executive magazine, the go-to news resource for leaders in the hospitality wellness industry.

Elizabeth believes in the power of communication skills and self-confidence. A campaigner and speaker on global issues, Elizabeth harnesses the latest communications tools, persuasive strategies, and sheer raw energy to deliver astonishing results on projects like job search campaigns, creating publications from scratch, founding a company, and gathering volunteers to a cause or fundraising for a mission she believes in.

You can connect with Elizabeth on LinkedIn.

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