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is it beneficial to job hop in today's labour market
Career Advice

Job Hopping in Today’s Labour Market

Looking for a new job? Not sure if frequent job hopping is the right move in today’s market? This blog discusses the pros and cons of jumping from job to job and offers tips on how to navigate the job search.

CareerBeacon proudly announces the acquisition of ruutly.
Company Updates

Announcing the Acquisition of Ruutly

Ruutly, the visual job posting and employer branding platform, has been acquired by CareerBeacon. Exciting news for recruiters and the candidate experience.

The importance of authenticity for diversity and inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Require Authenticity

Inclusion and diversity in the workplace have become more than just buzz words. Great talent demands authentic inclusion, and here’s how you can achieve it.

businesses are using AI more and more
Business Trends

Hello Future: How AI Is Transforming The Workplace

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic technology only imagined in science fiction movies. It is present in our world today, and businesses leverage their capabilities daily to improve their operations.

planning for a 4-day work week

4-Day Workweek, A Trend or The Future?

With the results of pilot projects coming in, 41% of employers are taking interest in how alternative work schedules can benefit their business. Read more about the future of 4-day workweeks.

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