9 jobs for stay at home moms that don’t require a degree

Stay-at-home moms are often in the market for jobs we can do from home with the little spare time we have. Who doesn’t need extra money? And even better if you can make it while breastfeeding and wearing pyjamas, right?

I’m assuming that if you are in a specialized field with high-level training and qualifications, you already know what your work-from-home options are. Like if you are a trained radiologist or accountant, you probably have an idea that you can do those jobs remotely and how to go about it. So, I’ve focused on jobs that don’t require degrees or even, in most cases, certification. Of course, previous experience is always a plus as with any job.

These jobs probably won’t make you rich. But you can make something, which is better than nothing.

9 jobs for stay-at-home moms that don’t require a degree

Virtual call centre agent: Like working in a real-life call centre, but from home. You may do telemarketing, customer support, or customer service. These agents may also handle chat and email support and communication as well. Pay usually ranges from minimum wage to about $20 and hour.

Virtual assistant.  A virtual assistant does whatever a regular assistant does, but virtually. This may include correspondence, scheduling, bookkeeping, research, making travel arrangements, and more. Pay can range from minimum wage to upwards of $50/hr depending on how specialized the task may be.

Home childcare. If you’re great with children and have a network of people who already have them, offering your services as a child minder could be a good way to make some money. Non-licensed daycares may have up to a certain number of kids in their care. If you charge $60/day per child, for three children that’s $180/day minus the cost of food and other supplies.

Transcriptionist. A transcriptionist listens to recorded materials and transcribes the audio into writing. Common jobs may be in medical or legal transcription, and these may require some prior training or certification. But you can also get jobs transcribing just about anything, including interviews with sources by content creators, like me. Freelance transcriptionists can make anywhere from minimum wage to upwards of $25 for generic transcription, while medial and legal transcription may pay more.

Content creator/writer: Create content for web pages, blogs, and whatever a company needs help with content-wise. Freelance writing can pay very well once you’re established. Beginners may find themselves faced with writing 1,000 words for $25 but once you’ve got a nice portfolio to show you can begin charging more like 50 cents a word and more.

Online tutor. Online tutors provide virtual or remote instruction on an array of subjects. You will need a high school diploma, and a degree may be required for some positions, but not all. Payscale lists the average hourly wage as $19.65/hr but self-reported wages on other sites suggest people are making closer to about $15/hr.

Music teacher. If you know how to play an instrument, teach others to play it in your home. Private music teachers can charge anywhere from $20/hr to far upwards of $100/hr if you’re in demand and highly skilled.

Data entry. This job is entering data into a system, basically typing it in to change it from one format (hard copy, for example), to another format (into a computer system). A lot of data entry jobs you’ll find online are scams, so do your research. Since the job is low-skill, this means it won’t pay all that well. And any jobs that do seem to pay super great are probably not legit. These jobs will pay about minimum wage.

Tax preparer. If you’re good at taxes and enjoy doing that sort of thing, you are a rare animal and could charge money for it. Tax preparers don’t have the same requirements as accountants. “There are no training or qualification requirements, other than not having been involved in offensive or fraudulent tax activities.” (Source: Marcil Lavallee) You should be good with numbers, however. It’s seasonal work, of course, but that season can be a pretty busy time.

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