20 last minute holiday gifts for your employees

last minute holiday gifts for employees

Still looking for the perfect gift for your employees this holiday season? Hopefully you planned ahead, but who are we kidding? So many of use don’t get around to worrying about gifts until the last minute.

Shopping is a little weird this year due to COVID restrictions, and we may be cutting it a bit close for online ordering. And then there’s the question of what to give that will make the recipient happy?

We’ve created a list of gifts that people will appreciate, for a range of budgets, and that you still have time to pick up at any number of local stores.

Paid time off – From a day to a week — or why not two weeks (for a very favourite employee)? Everyone likes time off, right?

Plant – Plants brighten up a room and are super affordable. Personally, they are among my favourite gifts to give and to receive.

Masks – I don’t know about you but I am always running out of clean masks, and you need them to go anywhere these days. Masks for everyone!

Scented candle – Yes, it’s cliché! But home is even more important these days than it was before. Something that makes your home smell nice is not a bad gift.

Wine/alcohol – A safe bet for the drinkers on your list. Easy to come by and comes in a range of prices, from low to very high. Small budget? Good but well-priced wine. Big budget? Fancy scotch.

Book – A book that changed your life or that meant a lot to you with a little explanation about why is a good way to give your team some insight into who you are and provides talking points later (unless they don’t read it, in which case you should fire them…. I’m kidding. Don’t fire someone for not reading your gift book).

Prepackages treats – People like food and, for some, it’s the only time of year when we enjoy overindulging in chocolate, candy, and baked goods. Now is not the time to bake stuff yourself, as some people might be afraid of eating it. So just buy some.

Gloves/hat/scarf/fun socks – Keeping someone warm and cozy shows you appreciate them.

Nice water bottle – Doesn’t almost everyone always lose water bottles? Another one is generally nice to have. (Maybe it’s just me but I can always use a new water bottle.)

Yeti mug – These mugs are apparently great for keeping beverages hot and cold. Since so many gatherings are outdoors these days, probably extra useful to have something to keep your coffee or mulled wine warm.

Gift card – Safe and obvious choice. Can be tailored to an employee’s preference and also comes in a range of prices.

Donation in the employee’s name to a local charity – For some people, who would truly appreciate giving rather than getting, this is ideal. You might be surprised at how many people would rather you donate $25 in their name than receive a gift for themselves.

1,000-piece puzzle – A lot of folks are getting super into puzzles these days. Once they finish them they trade with neighbours. And there are so many options from which to choose! (Ahem, OK this is not just a list of “things you should buy me.” I swear.)

Gift certificate to a local restaurant – Supporting local business by getting takeout from a favourite neighbourhood place is ideal in these times. The little guys need help. Do your part.

Uber Eats voucher – While supporting the local little guy is best, if you have a remote workforce in different neighbourhoods, a meal of their choice from anywhere they want is probably a better option.

Cash – Or “holiday bonus,” or whatever you want to call it. Who doesn’t want extra money? I know I do.

Fitbit – A lot of people enjoy their Fitbits. Though I would not gift anyone a fitness-related item unless you know for certain they’re interested in it. It could seem gauche.

Portable speaker – Since most of our gatherings are outdoors these day, portable, wireless speakers are coming in handy. These can be pretty affordable too.

Apple Watch – Or iPad, or another expensive, fancy gadget you know the employee would like. Obviously these are appreciated, though not everyone can afford them.

Gift basket – Combine any number of these items and mix and match them. Probably works best with a small staff.

Hopefully your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness, no matter what you do.  Happy holidays.

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