10 short term goals you can reach this month to set you on the road to success

short term goals

Goals should be attainable and well defined. Here are 10 examples of short-term goals that can kickstart your motivation and get you going.

A lot of career success is supposedly about reaching goals. But most people don’t know how to set goals. Instead of setting specific targets, we set vague goals and then have trouble reaching them. We set personal goals like “exercise more,” and “spend more time with family” and career goals like “change jobs” or “waste less time.” But these aren’t very defined and are therefore harder to attain.

If you set clear goals that require an effort but are not so difficult you’ll wind up giving up, you can achieve these, and this creates momentum that can lead to continuous achievement. One small thing leads to another small thing and so on and so on, which eventually becomes big things and leads to more big things – like a domino effect. So, instead of “exercise more” or “spend more time with family” you set goals to go for three 20-minute runs a week, or have two family game nights a month.

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The idea is that these short-term, smaller objectives lead to achieving your long-term career goals. Breaking down a big, complex objective into several smaller ones makes it more achievable and keeps you motivated and focused. It can also help pull you out of a rut and kickstart your motivation.

Here are examples of short-term goals you can set to achieve in one month that will get you going and set you on the road to success.

Reconnect with two old friends or acquaintances per week. If you think you might be needing professional help in the future, you don’t want to be asking for it from someone who hasn’t heard from you in 5 years. Reach out and say hi now.

Build your personal website. Have you been meaning to build a personal site? You can actually do it in 1-2 hours. Get the domain name, get some hosting, and set it up with a home page, an “about” page, and a blog (but only have a blog if you plan on updating it regularly).

Update your resume. I bet you’ve been meaning to for a while. Just do it. Take out your resume and spit-shine it. Update your experience and fine-tune the details. Here are a few tips for doing that.

Update your LinkedIn. Update your LinkedIn profile and make sure that when someone sees it, they’re seeing exactly what you want them to.

Clean up your social media. If there are pages you haven’t used in years, use them or lose them. If you’ve got questionable content – swearing, drinking, fighting, etc. – remove it.

Post on social media every day (or every other day). Start using those channels. If you need to, make a little content calendar for yourself, then hold yourself to it. Social media is a powerful networking tool but you have to use it. Hold yourself to one post a day or similar.

Connect with 50 new people in your industry. 50 new people in one month are about 12 people a week or two a day. You can do that, easily, right? Connect with them on LinkedIn and other platforms to begin expanding your network of contacts.

Take one (1) online course. Just ONE. Improve your skill set. Or learn about something that interests you. I believe that all learning makes you more valuable on the job market, so learn what you love.

Read one (1) book on success, leadership, or your industry. One book! You can do that, right? You can even make it an audiobook if you really want to and listen to it while you tackle the next goal.

Go for a 20-minute run three times a week. As mentioned above, this is a good, attainable goal. Research suggests that exercise can help improve creativity, productivity, sleep, and mood, among other things. If running isn’t for you, try another type of exercise.

You can obviously set your own goals. These are just suggestions. Just keep in mind that they should be clear, well defined, and not impossible to reach. Start today.

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