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Career Advice For Jobseekers

Are cover letters a waste of time?
For Jobseekers

Are Cover Letters a Waste of Time?

Going the extra mile is never a waste of time! About 83% of hiring decision-makers say cover letters are important even if not required.

best way to prepare for challenging job interview questions
Interview Tips

How To Answer The Most Challenging Job Interview Questions

The best way to succeed at a job interview is to prepare. So, here is your ultimate guide to answering the most common questions interviewers will likely ask you, along with tips for answering the questions that stump many job seekers.

These are the biggest resume mistakes
Resume & Cover Letters

How To Avoid The Biggest Resume Mistakes

You can significantly increase your chances of landing an interview by avoiding these common resume mistakes and maintaining a professional tone in all communication with employers!

Recruiting Advice For Employers

Business Trends

How to Get More Candidates and Create Engaging Job Ads Using AI.

In today’s competitive job market, attracting top talent requires crafting compelling job ads that resonate with candidates – quickly. With the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), companies now have a powerful tool at their disposal – ChatGPT.

Diversity & Inclusion

Managing Age Diversity in the Workplace

A workplace with several generations has pros and cons. What are the primary considerations when managing age diversity in the workplace?

Where have all the workers gone?
For Employers

Where Have All the Workers Gone?

Workforce participation in Canada is higher than ever, but companies struggle with finding talent! Here are some thoughts on how to address labour shortages.