This is why 82% of employees would quit their jobs (but maybe you don’t have to)

It turns out that many of us are looking to jump ship, because we’re not getting ahead at work. A survey of roughly 1,000 employees found that, for the vast majority of them, progression is considered more important than pay. Over eighty per cent (82.39%) said that a lack of opportunity for advancement was the main reason they would leave their jobs.

Survey participants were asked to rate different reasons that would affect their decision to quit based on a scale of importance. A lack of career advancement opportunities was followed by low pay and the absence of a salary raise as the three main reasons people would look for work elsewhere.

So, you aren’t being paid enough, there are no prospects for a raise, and you have no opportunities for growing in your career. Those are solid reasons to make a change.

But maybe you don’t have to. Canada is in a sustained period of low unemployment right now. Employers are struggling to attract and recruit the staff they need to run their businesses. This puts workers in a solid bargaining position.

Hiring is expensive and time consuming – particularly so in an era where workers are in short supply. It is in your company’s interest to retain their existing staff. Talk with your manager about your career goals, your desire to take on more and advance in your career.

This shouldn’t be a contentious or heated conversation. Employers understand that people want to progress and grow. Be prepared to take on more responsibility or deliverables without more money – at first. The money should follow from accomplishments, once you’ve proven yourself.

The key to successfully negotiating a pay raise is to demonstrate how your work is driving increased value to the company. So, first, drive the value. Career growth comes from learning new skills, accomplishing measurable results, and taking on additional responsibility.

If you’re willing to walk away from your job, then you are in the drivers’ seat of the negotiation. Ask for what you want. Here is more on how to fix your job – so that you don’t have to quit.

But if it really is time to go, be professional. Leave a positive last impression. Here is how to quit your job the right way.

Source: 82% of Employees Would Quit Their Jobs Because of No Progression

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