The worst passwords of 2019 have been leaked (seriously, don’t use these)

It turns out that a lot of us are still using some pretty terrible passwords to safeguard our online accounts. This can make your information vulnerable to attacks. If your password is one of these, change it now.

Last week SplashData, the online info security management company released its annual list of the worst passwords. They analyzed more than 5 million passwords that were leaked online to determine the weakest, most obvious or most overused passwords of the year.

Using 123456, 12345678, and 123456789 as a password have made the worst of the worst list just about every year. Weak passwords also include keyboard patterns such as qwerty or 111111 and, of course, the inevitable ‘password’ as a password. Phrases such as ‘iloveyou’ or ‘admin’ also make poor choices.

The Worst Online Passwords of 2019

1 – 123456 (rank unchanged from 2018)
2 – 123456789 (up 1)
3 – qwerty (Up 6)
4 – password (Down 2)
5 – 1234567 (Up 2)
6 – 12345678 (Down 2)
7 – 12345 (Down 2)
8 – iloveyou (Up 2)
9 – 111111 (Down 3)
10 – 123123 (Up 7)
11 – abc123 (Up 4)
12 – qwerty123 (Up 13)
13 – 1q2w3e4r (New)
14 – admin (Down 2)
15 – qwertyuiop (New)
16 – 654321 (Up 3)
17 – 555555 (New)
18 – lovely (New)
19 – 7777777 (New)
20 – welcome (Down 7)

Security experts suggest using combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. However according to SplashData, even numberic substitutions such as “Pr0f3ssi0n@l” can be vulnerable to hackers’ increasingly advanced software.

While completely random combinations like “l%9K&yHx$” can be hard to hack, they are also very difficult to remember. A password that is so complicated that you can’t remember it yourself isn’t very useful either.

You should also avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. Keep your online banking password far removed from your Facebook and Twitter sign-in credentials.

Here is a look back at our recommended hack for creating memorable passwords that can improve your online security – and just maybe your life too.

See your CareerBeacon password on the list above? Login to your account and change it now!

You can view the complete report from SplashData here.

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