The worst job in the world for 2019?

It isn’t great to be a taxi driver right now. The jobs ranking team over at CareerCast have just released their annual report on the best and worst career paths to be in. Much like last year, taxi drivers fall at the bottom of the list.

It’s not difficult to see why. The job itself takes its toll on your body, sitting in a car for long hours and dealing with the stress of traffic. To make matters worse, the industry has been Ubered, making it increasingly challenging to make a decent living at it.

In order to rank each of the professions in the Jobs Rated report, four main criteria are calculated: the work environment, job stress, occupational outlook, and salary.

Once again, based on those factors, media jobs are considered to be poor prospects this year. Broadcaster, disk jockey, and newspaper reporter – along with advertising salesperson all crack the bottom ten list. The competition for advertising dollars has become fierce, and more and more of the spend has been directed towards online marketing. Hence the stress and limited outlook for advertising salespeople, particularly in traditional media. The decline in ad revenue is hitting other positions in broadcast and print media hard.

Plus, many media jobs come with the added stress of working in the public eye.

So, here they are. The lowest-ranked career paths to be in this year for salary, working conditions, outlook, and stress level.

The 10 worst jobs of 2019


Advertising salesperson

Nuclear decontamination technician

Disk jockey

Corrections officer

Enlisted military personnel

Retail salesperson

Newspaper reporter

Logging worker

Taxi driver

Most of these jobs were on last year’s worst jobs in the world list as well. In recent years both logger and newspaper reporter have had the dubious honour of the lowest ranking.

The role of Nuclear Decontamination Technician is new to the list this year. The authors point out that one of the reasons for the low ranking is the physical danger of handling hazardous materials as a part of their daily tasks.

Here is the complete report and methodology from CareerCast.

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