The top 10 jobs for 2018 grads (with salaries and positions available now)

Graduation season is almost here. Thousands of young Canadians will be leaving university with freshly minted degrees and entering the job market for the first time.

Finding that first job is one of the biggest hurdles of many people’s career. Employers often look for experience, and coming out of school, your resume can be quite sparse. Once you start working, you can earn some accomplishments for your resume, expand your professional network, and learn real-world, on-the-job skills. Fortunately for this year’s grads, they’ll be looking for work at a time when the national unemployment rate is just about as low as it has ever been.

The experts at LinkedIn have crunched the numbers and released a list of the year’s top jobs for new grads. Based on current opportunities and employment outlook, these are the best roles for launching your career right now.

The top 10 jobs for 2018 grads

10) Administrative assistant – Median Canadian salary $43,742
[View administrative jobs on CareerBeacon]

9) Account coordinator – Median salary $49,275
[See hundreds of coordinator positions open now]

8) Recruiter – Median salary $57,000
[See job ads for recruiters]

7) Business analyst – Median salary $86,860
[View business analyst positions available now]

6) Account executive – Median salary $60,000
[See account executive jobs]

5) Assistant media planner – Median salary $58,000
[Media planner job openings]

4) Graphic designer – Median salary $50,000
[View job postings for graphic designers]

3) Marketing coordinator – Median salary $60,000
[Marketing coordinator positions available now]

2) Investment banking analyst – Median salary $103,376
[See financial analyst job openings]

1) Software engineer – Median salary $90,000
[See job openings for software engineers]

This salary data comes from Statistics Canada, last updated on September 25th, 2017. The wages listed here reflect the median salaries across Canada. Salaries vary by city and province so you can check out the wage data for your specific career path and region here.

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