The most in-demand jobs and skills for 2019

A new report shows which skills will be in high demand in 2019, as well as the emerging jobs for which demand is growing the fastest.

The annual Emerging Jobs Report from LinkedIn uses data from the company’s Economic Graph to find the roles that companies are rapidly hiring for, the skills associated with them, and the roles that have emerged over the last five years.

The report can help professionals make good career decisions and figure out which skills they need to develop in order to be successful.

AI skills are increasing in demand, even in industries outside of tech and are among the fastest growing. Basic business functions, however, are also very much in need. “AI may be on the rise, but it can’t replace the power of humans,” says the report. “Basic operational functions like Administrative Assistant, Assurance Staff and Sales Development Representative also landed spots on the Emerging Jobs list.”

The top 15 emerging jobs and the skills they require:

1. Blockchain Developer (33X growth)
Top Skills: Solidity, Blockchain, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Node.js

2. Machine Learning Engineer (12X growth)
Top Skills: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Apache Spark, Natural Language Processing

3. Application Sales Executive (8X growth)
Top Skills: Software as a Service, Cloud Applications, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Solution Selling

4. Machine Learning Specialist (6X growth)
Top Skills: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, Python, Artificial Intelligence

5. Professional Medical Representative (6X growth)
Top Skills: Pharmaceutical Sales, Sales Effectiveness, Product Launches, Medical Devices, Gastroenterology

6. Relationship Consultant (5.5X growth)
Top Skills: Banking, Retail Banking, Loans, Consumer Lending, Credit

7. Data Science Specialist (5X growth)
Top Skills: Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, R, Apache Spark

8. Assurance Staff (5X growth)
Top Skills: Auditing, Accounting, Financial Reporting, Internal Controls

9. Sales Development Representative (4X growth)
Top Skills: Salesforce, Cold Calling, Software-as-a-Service, Lead Generation, Sales Prospecting

10. Business Support Consultant (4X growth)
Top Skills: Risk Management, Credit, Banking, Business Analysis, Business Process

11. Solar Power Consultant (4X growth)
Top Skills: Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Sales, Business Development, Marketing

12. Administrative Assistant (4X growth)
Top Skills: Receptionist Duties, Administrative Assistant, Data Entry, Office Administration, Microsoft Office

13. Background Investigator (4X growth)
Top Skills: Investigation, Background Checks, Private Investigations, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice

14. Machine Learning Researcher (4X growth)
Top Skills: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Python, Algorithms

15. Data Science Manager (4X growth)
Top Skills: Data Science, Machine Learning, Apache Spark, Python, R

When it comes to skills as a standalone category, the largest gaps are found with soft skills. While technical skills are obviously in high demand with many of the emerging jobs, soft skills – like oral communication, leadership and time management – are also in short supply and high demand.

“While hard skills are important, it remains imperative for professionals to maintain their arsenal of soft skills in this rapidly changing jobs landscape because those that have them, have a leg up,” says the report.

Oral Communication is the skill employers are having the most trouble finding. On the tech side, basic skills such as social media, graphic design and web development are always sought after. People with these skills are, reportedly, hired at faster rates than people without them.

The skills with the biggest gaps:

1. Oral Communication
Skills include: Public Speaking, Communication, Presentation Skills

2. People Management
Skills include: Teamwork, Supervisory Skills, Personnel Management

3. Development Tools
Skills include: Java, C++, Linux

4. Social Media
Skills include: Social Media, Digital Media, Social Media Measurement

5. Business Management
Skills include: Management, Strategic Planning, Business Process Improvement

6. Time Management
Skills include: Organization Skills, Time Management, Multitasking

7. Leadership
Skills include: Leadership, Team Leadership, Team Building

8. Graphic Design
Skills include: Adobe Photoshop, Web Design, Illustration

9. Data Science
Skills include: Data Analysis, Forecasting, Statistics

10. Web Development
Skills include: HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Click here to read the full report.

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