The 25 fastest growing jobs for 2018

CNBC has released a list of the fastest growing jobs of 2018. This means jobs that have seen increases in openings and hiring over the past year, and that will continue to do so into next year – or “gigs that were both sought after by employers and experiencing an uptick in workers claiming the positions as their own.”

These jobs include software developers, cyber security workers, engineers, and healthcare employees, with roles in each of these sectors seeing some of the highest hiring growth of all jobs in 2018 (rankings are in the United States but the Canadian market is often comparable).

The researchers found that the tech sector continues to dominate, and that of the 25 fastest growing jobs, 12 were computer or mathematics-based occupations. Mobile developers, software developers and graphic designers saw the biggest hiring increases.

These are the 25 fastest growing jobs for 2019 with Canadian salaries*.

25. Motion graphic designer

Median salary: $48,880

24. Cyber security engineer

Median salary: $90,000

23. Cloud solutions architect

Median salary: $79,995

22. Cyber security analyst

Median salary: $80,500

21. Digital marketing coordinator

Median salary: $59,425

20. Wound, ostomy, and continence nurse

Median salary: $76,960

19. Senior product designer

Median salary: $95,680

18. Salesforce consultant

Median salary: $77,000

17. Content director

Median salary: $48,880

16. Global mobility specialist

Median salary: $83,000

15. Data science manager

Median salary: $106,080

14. Project management office manager

Median salary: $74,670

13. Site reliability engineer

Median salary: $78,000

Growth: 1.66

12. Senior data engineer

Median salary: $104,000

11. Commercial truck driver

Median salary: $43,680

10. Population health manager

Median salary: $100,055

9. Machine learning engineer

Median salary: $102,820

8. Business intelligence engineer

Median salary: $87,865

7. Computer vision engineer

Median salary: $87,460

6. Employee engagement manager

Median salary: $88,525

5. Senior mobile developer

Median salary: $115,000

4. Manager, customer success team

Median salary: $80,000

3. Lead graphic designer

Median salary: $80,000

2. Director of community engagement

Median salary: $72,200

1. Full stack software developer

Median salary: $75,000

(Salaries sourced from, Glassdoor, Indeed)

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