Survey reveals the 10 key attributes employers look for in student resumes

College and university students who are looking for a job often struggle with deciding what to highlight in their resumes and applications.

This might help you focus. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recently surveyed hundreds of employers about what they most value in resumes from student applicants. It turns out that for most employers (83 per cent) problem-solving skills and an ability to work in a team tied for being the most desired attributes.

After problem-solving and teamwork, written communication skills, leadership, and a strong work ethic are also highly valued attributes that employers want to see evidence of on resumes.

The Top 10 Attributes Employers Seek in a Candidate Resumes-– Problem-solving skills

– Ability to work in a team

– Communication skills (written)

– Leadership

– Strong work ethic

– Analytical/quantitative skills

– Communication skills (verbal)

– Initiative

– Detail-oriented

– Flexibility/adaptability

Other top traits that employers seek in student resumes include technical skills, interpersonal skills (relates well to others), and computer skills.

When applying for jobs, make sure that you are using a well-written and error-free resume. Highlight any occasions where you assumed a leadership role, solved problems, and participated as part of a successful team effort. Point out any technical abilities you have that can be applicable to the role and detail your computer savvy. Software, file sharing, and an increasing level of computer use are becoming essential for more and more jobs across sectors.

And of course, highlight your personal accomplishments that demonstrate the times you achieved what others might not have in similar situations. Don’t think you have any achievements yet that can help you? Just about any job can be made to sound good on a resume. Here’s how to highlight your accomplishments when you don’t have any.

You can read the full NACE report and list of sought-after attributes in student resumes here.

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